Should you try mediation?

Mediation offers:

  • A chance for each side to tell his, her, their, or its story to a neutral, independent person without the formality of Court proceedings. This is often necessary to move beyond the dispute toward resolution.
  • An opportunity to consider settlement options that may be different from the limited ones which could be achieved as a result of Court order.
  • A relatively fast way for all sides to get feedback about various options for resolving the case.
  • A less expensive alternative to starting or continuing with litigation.
  • Control of potential resolution of their case by the people involved in a dispute, instead of leaving the solution up to a judge or jury who will never really know the details the way the parties do.
  • The possibility that a dispute will actually end soon, rather than continue on with seemingly endless and expensive motion hearings, trial, appeals, etc.
  • The possibility that everyone involved can move on with their lives with the dispute behind them; rather than spending more energy and money on fighting.

Thoughtful and Committed Mediator

Barbara J. Macy has acted as mediator and/or represented clients regarding disputes arising in the contexts of estates, divorce, unmarried partner dissolutions, condominium problems, malpractice, employment, buying and selling real estate, cooperatives, real estate title, consumer protection, family, zoning, boundary disputes, landlord-tenant, and even criminal cases. She has also served as mediator for the Real Estate Bar Association’s pro-bono residential foreclosure mediation program in the United States Bankruptcy Court. Barbara has an exceptional record of settlements as a mediator. Her high record of settlements reflects her commitment to carefully listening to each person and facilitating resolutions that take into account the needs of all parties.

Look for a Mediator who is experienced with the law regarding the dispute

When considering mediation, look for a mediator who is familiar with the area of law that your dispute concerns. Mediators whose work has included the legal area of your dispute will likely be able to come up with more options for settlement as a result of their experience. Barbara’s experience in a broad range of legal areas makes her well suited to act as a mediator for a wide variety of disagreements.

Contact an experienced, thoughtful and committed mediator

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